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Hydraulic Oils

30% OFF

Liqui Lube premium grade hydraulic oil is specially formulated for use with all types of hydraulic tools & machinery, providing optimum performance throughout.

-30% for engine oils when you buy direct from us.

Engine Oils

15% OFF

You can a peace of mind with our premium engine oils, perfect for engines that work under extreme pressure. It lubricants all types of engines & reduces power-robbing friction across engine speeds and conditions.

Prices start from R15.01 per litre

Industrial gear oils

starting R50

Our industrial gear oils have been formulated using high quality solvent refined base oils and extreme pressure additives, guaranteeing you a high performance industrial gear oils product second to none.

Starting from R50 a litre

Automotive gear oils

Do not compromise on your gear oil. Our gear oil helps to protect the gears and ensure the long life of you gearbox. Our gear oil are produced to work under extreme pressure and has anti-wear additives.

Premium Automotive oils

Transmission oils

For vehicles with tried and tested transmission technology. Provides a stable lubricating film. Minimizes wear. Provides extremely good lubrication properties and outstanding corrosion protection.

Great value oils.

Metal working oils

30% OFF

Our high-quality lubricants, will protect cutting tools working a wide range of metals, providing increased productivity for your industrial or manufacturing business.

-30% when you buy direct from us


15% OFF

Our grease is a premium product, with good temperature tolerance - stable in hot conditions but still flows when cold. It is also suitable for most automotive applications.

High quality grease starting from R20.99

Utility products


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